My email to Stampede, regarding Sifchain Proposal 130 and 131

Dear Stampede,

Thank you for your email and share with me your recommendation. I did not reply to you immediately as it should be proper and decent if we can share views while no proposal is in voting. Now, as the proposals are passed, I should pay my debts that I owed you a responses.

I respected the SifDAO and am really happy that Sifchain established DAOs as I believed in DAO from the bottom of my hearts, and I am also working in similar DAO in Likecoin Chain. I understand the pressure and the difficulty to be a "council member" and treasure your work though I do not fully agree with the judgements proposed in Proposal 130 and 131.

To agree the disagree is the essence of Democracy. It is good to have different views and judgements, and comes up a solution and consensus after discussion and voting for the development of a chain. Now proposal 130 and 131 are passed and I will complied with it. I also like to send you and the DAO my congratulation and thanks for the efforts of all your work.

It may be late, but as a sharing, I would still like to explain my rationale on voting No to Proposal 130 and 131.

For 130, I like the concept to put tokens back to community pool from foundation nodes but I would prefer to distributing the funds for different operations according to the needs and amount and approved by the proposal at the time when needed, instead of distributing in full at the first place. This is not good for a trustless (not means not trust the DAO) settings like Sifchain (e.g, Likecoin subDAO will be granted fund by proposal voting every time funding is needed and requested). Also I guess this proposal will cause a shaking effect to the community that I don't want to see. Trust and confident from the community is essential to a chain.
For 131, the speedup of vesting schedule is not good. We need trust in a chain and the trust is built on action. Even it is with good intention, we need to be very cautious when actions are damaging the trust. We had learn a very good but costly lesson from Juno.

This is my 2 cents and my reply and sharing for proposal 130 and 131. As said before, proposals are passed. There is a solution and roadmap to go. So it is now more important to make Sifchain better with solidarity and efforts. Let's make the Sifchain better with the consensus of the community. Wish Sifchain will grow to a much higher level after all members' effort.